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5 Easy Ways to Improve Home Security

Home invasions are a real concern for homeowners. Even if you think your home is well-protected, you may be overlooking a few major points. Below are helpful tips on how you can improve home security. 1. Secure the Doors and Windows To Improve Home Security In many...

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Essential Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Everyone should have a set of basic tools for home repair. Tools come in handy for assembling furniture, hanging pictures or artwork, installing smoke detectors, and measuring your living room for new carpeting. Even though you might not know your way around a table...

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How to Know When to Clean the Air Ducts in Your Home

Air ducts move hot or cold air from a furnace or HVAC system into the interior rooms of a building. An air filter traps dirt and dust particles at the source, but it is difficult to keep all air pollutants, including pollen and mold spores, from settling inside of...

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4 Rules for Smoke Detector Installation at Home

House fires are more common than you may think. They can cause severe property damage, the loss of personal items, and injuries or even fatalities. The purpose of smoke detectors is to draw your attention to a potential hazard as soon as possible so that you can take...

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4 Steps to Plan for a New Fence

A fence creates a visual and physical border around all or some of your property. Some fences just enclose a specific area of the property, like for pets or children. Regardless of where you plan to install the fence, this type of project requires ample planning and...

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4 Benefits Of A Pre-Listing Inspection For Home Sellers

When selling a home, you want the process to be as smooth as possible. One of the many benefits of a pre-listing inspection for sellers is that it can make the whole transaction easier for both parties. Real estate sales often become complicated, so it is best to be...

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5 Safety Tips For Holiday Decorating

Decorating for the holidays brings the joy of the season into your home. Unfortunately, accidents often happen during this time of year when people don't follow proper safety measures in decorating their homes. Follow these five safety tips for holiday decorating to...

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Tasks to Add to Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Create a Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Fall is one of the best times for home maintenance projects because the season’s milder temperatures make it enjoyable to work outside. Since you will soon be spending more time indoors, now is the time to make sure you have a...

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7 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality at Home

People often believe that air pollution happens only on the outside. However, research has shown that air inside your home is also polluted and may cause serious health complications. Some of the common culprits of poor indoor air quality include dust, chemicals from...

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5 Tips for Conserving Water During the Summer

Summer is the time of year when most people use more water and see their bill increase. We often take water for granted and misusing it can threaten the existing water supply in your area, especially here in California. By learning how to conserve water, we can reduce...

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6 Tips For Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

What To Do When Preparing Your Home Before Vacation You likely have a lot on your mind when you're planning to leave town for an extended amount of time, and this should include getting your home ready before you leave. Below are some items that should be on your...

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Tips for Preventing Leaks in Your Home

The pipes in your plumbing system should last for years, provided that you maintain them as instructed by your plumber, but that does not mean leaks will never happen. Water pipe leaks are incredibly hard to detect without the help of a home inspector because it is...

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5 Home Safety Essentials You Shouldn’t Go Without

Stocking Up Home Safety Essentials is Worth the Effort We all want our homes to be the safest place for our families. However, even with the best intentions, we often overlook some vitally important items to ensure our family's safety. Read on for five of the most...

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How to Prevent Basement Mold Growth

Mold is a fungus that grows in moist conditions, and the basement is one of its favorite breeding grounds. Homeowners fight mold in the basement every single day, well-aware of the dangers it presents for both the health and well-being of a family and the damage it...

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Top 5 Hacks To Create Curb Appeal On A Budget

It will not be long until spring, the time that most people make home improvement plans. When you look at your house from the street or driveway, are you pleased with what you see? An article from shares that curb appeal is the most important aspect of...

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Creating a Safe Nursery for your Baby

Did you recently have a newcomer join your family? Like most parents, your priorities are keeping your baby happy, healthy, and safe. While you can’t do absolutely everything, there are a lot of steps that you can take to protect your little one. One of these is...

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6 Home Renovations that Save Water and Money

Want to Save Money and Help the Environment? Try these Home Renovations that Save Water Home renovations that save water will also save you money. A lot of the renovations you can perform to save water are inexpensive as well, and those that are more costly make up...

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Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

Curious about your home inspection? You should be since your home inspector will be inspecting the home you’d like to buy to determine its condition. The inspection report could provide you with the information you need to either sign on the dotted line with...

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5 Home Buying Tips to Simplify the Process

Buying a home is a thrilling experience, but it can also be a stressful time. You’re faced with making an enormous investment in the form of a down payment, and then you’re committed to your new home for many years to come. Buying a home is truly a step in the right...

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Roof Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Roof Maintenance for Homeowners While there comes a time when you need to call in a professional, there are several roof maintenance tasks that you can take care of on your own—unless you run into a serious problem. Be sure that the weather is suitable and that your...

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