There are many benefits to having a fire pit in your yard. Whether you sit around it toasting marshmallows or simply enjoying the warmth it gives off on a cool night, it is important to be aware of fire pit safety. Enjoy your fire pit safely by following these best practices.

4 Fire Pit Safety Tips

Location is Key

Where you put your fire pit is key for its safety. A fire pit should be installed between 10 and 25 feet away from your neighbor’s yard, any structures, and fences. Though 10 feet away is acceptable, 25 is feet away is the recommended distance. It should never be located near low or hanging tree branches or kept below a covered porch.

Preparation for Fire Pit Safety

Before lighting your fire pit, you need to make sure there aren’t any flammable materials close by, like dead leaves, paper, or wood. If a fire rages out of control, these materials will make it spread. Surround the fire pit with a thick border of rocks to contain it. The ideal measurements for an in-ground fire pit are two feet wide and six inches deep.

Light During Ideal Conditions

The most important thing to consider when lighting an outdoor fire is the direction the wind is blowing in. If the wind is blowing too strongly, you are advised not to light a fire at all. Always check if there is a burn ban in your area before lighting a fire in your fire pit.

Don’t use lighter fluid to start a fire. Instead, use kindling and a fire starter stick. Flammable fluids should never be used to re-light your fire pit.

Extinguish the Fire Carefully

Keep a shovel near your fire pit to help put out the fire and suppress any flames that may have escaped. You should always put out your fire by dousing it with water. After you have put out the fire and the ashes are cool, discard them into a metal can. This is the safest way to dispose of them.

By following these rules, you can use your fire pit responsibly. Spending time by a fire pit is fun and relaxing, as long as you use it safely.

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