Home invasions are a real concern for homeowners. Even if you think your home is well-protected, you may be overlooking a few major points. Below are helpful tips on how you can improve home security.

1. Secure the Doors and Windows To Improve Home Security

In many cases, burglars come right through the front door. If you haven’t changed the locks since you moved into the home, install new door locks. Add deadbolts to the entry doors if your home doesn’t already have them. To improve home security, make sure that all of your exterior doors and the door frames are strong and secure. Also, check the hinges and make sure they are sturdy, too.

If your door has a mail slot, verify that someone cannot reach in and unlock your door from the inside. Use a security bar with any sliding doors to prevent the door from being forced open. You can even use a dowel in the track if your door doesn’t come equipped with a security bar. Install a sensor that sounds an alarm if the door is tampered with or if the glass is broken.

2. Make Windows More Secure

Windows are the second most common entry points for burglars. Unfortunately, the locking mechanisms on most windows don’t always stop someone who wants to break into your home. Upgrade the locks on all of your windows and add windows bars, if possible.

You can also plant thorny bushes under the windows on the first floor to dissuade people from breaking in. Since most burglars want to get in and get out quickly, a thorn bush will slow or stop their attempts.

3. Light up Your Landscape to Improve Home Security

If you haven’t done so already, install outdoor motion sensors that come on at dusk and turn off at dawn. You can also set them to come on when someone is detected within a set distance from your home. Suggested areas to add lighting for security include the front porch, backyard, front walkway, and under the deck.

4. Don’t Forget Your Garage

How many times have you forgotten to completely close the garage door? Since most garages lead directly into the house, it’s important to make your garage as secure as possible. Even if someone can’t get into your home, there are things in your garage worth stealing.

Get into the habit of locking both the exterior and interior garage doors, even in the daytime. Keep the garage door opener in the house so that a burglar can’t steal it and return another time. If you use a security code to gain entry, make sure you memorize it and do not share it with anyone but your family.

5. Have an Escape Plan

Even if you’ve gone above and beyond to improve home security, you may still experience a break-in. If this does occur, hopefully it happens when you aren’t home. However, in the unfortunate event that you are home, you need an escape plan. Decide how you and your family will exit the house and where the meeting point will be. Practice your exit and getting out of the house quickly.

Taking the necessary safety precautions now will give you and your family the peace of mind you need to feel secure in your home.

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