Providing light along your pathways improves safety on your property and curb appeal at night. Lights lining the path to your home make your house feel more inviting and also keeps people from walking on the grass. Here are some ways to light up your pathway on your property.

Creative Ideas to Light Up Your Pathway

Manufacturers have started making pavers and landscaping stones with built-in solar lights. If you do not already have a path and are planning to build one, consider using these materials. They fit right into the design and automatically light up when it gets dark out. If the area is too shady, they won’t be able to fully charge. Only use this option in a part of the yard that gets plenty of sunlight.

LED Tube Lights

LED tube lighting is another option to line the edges of a pathway. It needs to be hardwired into your home’s electrical circuit, so you would need an electrician for installation. The will be connected to a light switch that you can conveniently turn on and off.

Light Up Your Pathway with Bollard Lights

Bollard lighting is a type of landscape lighting with a modern edge. They are cylindrical posts with a light at the top. You can have them hardwired or purchase solar options. While most of them are black and have a more modern look, they do have some variety to suit most styles.

Solar Stake Lights to Light Up Your Pathway

Solar stake lights are the most affordable types of pathway lights. They are available in countless design options and installation couldn’t be more simple. Simply drive the stake into the ground in a sunny area where they can charge in the daytime. These lights will automatically turn on at dusk.

Lights for Stairs

Porch and deck stairs should also be illuminated to boost visibility and prevent someone from tripping. Lights can be mounted to the front face of steps or on the sides shining onto them. The easiest way is to attach solar lights, which will only charge with adequate sunlight. If the area doesn’t get enough sun, hardwire stair lights into the electrical system.

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