It will not be long until spring, the time that most people make home improvement plans. When you look at your house from the street or driveway, are you pleased with what you see? An article from shares that curb appeal is the most important aspect of selling a home. Even if you are not selling, you and your family deserve an eye-catching entrance that will make you proud. What if you have limited resources? Here are 5 top hacks that can help you create curb appeal on a budget:

1. Become An Outsider

The only way to understand how outsiders see your home from the street is to become an outsider yourself. Stand on the other side of the street (or a distance from your house) and observe it with a critical eye. Are you immediately attracted to it? Does it say “welcome” to you, and give you the impression that the homeowners care about their property? If not, what are some easy changes that you would make? Take a few pictures with your camera/smartphone, and jot down some notes.

2. Make The Clutter Disappear

It doesn’t matter if you have the most lavish and expensive home in the neighborhood if the outside is overwhelmed with junk. Getting rid of excess clutter will not cost you a cent and will open the views to your property. Sort your clutter with a vengeance, and get rid of anything that you do not use or does not belong. What you cannot donate to charity or recycle, pitch in the dumpster. Relocate things that should not be on the porch or in the yard. Now, you have a blank canvas to inspire your creativity!

3. Make Necessary Repairs

Review your pictures and notes, and choose areas that need to be repaired. Are parts of the guttering hanging loosely from the roof? Do you see chipped paint or cracked siding? Little things like these can be an instant eyesore. Make repairs to the porch and yard so everything looks well-maintained. Creating curb appeal on a budget does not necessarily mean you must refurbish the whole exterior. You can do most small repairs by yourself with little time and money.

4. Painting To Create Curb Appeal On A Budget

Nothing rejuvenates a space more than a fresh coat of paint. Does the entrance to your house look a little drab? Buy a complementary paint color that will make your porch pop. We recommend that you choose a vibrant color for your front door. Consider the style of your home and a color that would work with it. A bright, cheery porch and door highlights your home and makes visitors feel instantly welcomed.

5. Creative Landscaping

You do not have to hire an expensive company to create attractive landscaping around your property, but a well-maintained lawn is always a plus for curb appeal. Removing or pruning any overgrown bushes around the front of the house is an easy way to create curb appeal on a budget.

What could make a front lawn more appealing than a flower garden? Even if you do not have a green thumb, a garden center can recommend beautiful flowers and shrubs that are easy to maintain in your region. For constant blooms throughout the season, choose a variety of colorful perennials. These beauties come back every year and can be divided for planting in other areas of your yard.

With these steps, you will be on your way to creating curb appeal on a budget. Your home is an extension of who you are, and you want to make the best impression. Delve into your creative side to make your front yard picture-perfect.

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