You can be held liable for what happens in a pool on your property. Make it as safe as possible to protect your family and prevent tragedies. You can never be too careful when it comes to bodies of water. Here are 5 tips for swimming pool safety to help you be a more responsible pool owner.

Fence Off the Pool Area

A pool without a secure fence is an invitation for trouble. People may sneak into your pool while you are asleep or away and hurt themselves or drown. A child can access the pool unsupervised if there is no fence around it. Install a fence around your pool that has a lock on it and is too high to climb over.

Post and Follow Rules for Swimming Pool Safety

Some people may not realize that certain behavior in the pool is unsafe unless it is explicitly posted. It may not be clear that the pool is too shallow for diving unless it is written somewhere. Children usually need a reminder that running around the pool is unsafe. Post a sign with your pool rules where all swimmers can see it.

Take CPR Classes

All teens and adults who live in a household with a pool should take CPR classes. If you are the designated person supervising swimmers, you might need to know how to save someone in distress. Visit your local Red Cross to learn about life-saving techniques and CPR. You should also have professional life-saving devices near the pool in case of emergency.

Don’t Swim Alone

It’s not safe for anyone to swim alone, no matter your age or how strong of a swimmer you are. Since accidents can happen at any time, always have someone with you when enjoying your pool. Children should never swim unsupervised.

Install a Pool Alarm for Swimming Pool Safety

Installing a pool alarm is a great way to deter unauthorized access to your pool. Pool alarms can be placed on the pool gate, above the waterline, or underwater, and will sound if they detect someone near or in the pool. This warning can help you prevent an accident.

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