Many homeowners wish that their homes had larger bathrooms. It’s not pleasant to feel cramped when showering or getting ready in the morning. If your home was built with small bathrooms with poor lighting and a cramped layout, there are tricks to make the room look larger. Here are a few tips for a small bathroom to create the illusion of more space.

Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

1. Choose White-on-White for the Walls and Decor

White makes your bathroom look larger and feel more spacious. When remodeling a small room, choose white tiles for the walls, white paint, and white décor. The space will feel larger because white reflects light instead of absorbing it as darker colors do.

If you don’t prefer the color white, another way to make the room seem more significant is to blend the floor and walls seamlessly. Different colors separate a space visually. To make the room feel larger, choose shower tiles that are the same color as the bathroom walls.

2. Look for Smaller Furniture and Fixtures

A large bathtub, sink, and vanity takes up space. To make your bathroom roomier, add more negative space. Choose a smaller vanity or sink to trick your eye into thinking the room is more significant.

3. Tips for Mirrors in a Small Bathroom

It might sound contradictory because choosing a smaller vanity and sink is recommended, but the mirror is one place it’s better to go big. Mirrors make any room feel larger, and the bigger the better. Purchase and install an oversized vanity mirror. Mirrors reflect light and help the space feel more expansive.

4. Install a Floating Vanity

Small bathrooms are a challenge when you have things you need to store. To make your bathroom look larger, install a floating countertop instead of using a vanity that sits on the floor. Being able to see under a piece of furniture makes a room feel open and less cramped. Use open shelving to store your bath and body care products.

5. Choose a Glass Shower to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

Shower curtains visually split the bathroom and make the room feel smaller. Opting for a glass shower enclosure will open up the space, allow for better lighting, and make your bathroom feel sleek and modern.

6. Tips for a Small Bathroom: Add Light

Bright lighting makes the bathroom appear larger and boosts safety because you will be able to see better when shaving. Choose light fixtures that give off a natural hue. This is especially important if your bathroom doesn’t have windows.

7. Update a Pocket Door

Pocket doors are an older design trend that is regaining popularity again. Replacing the bathroom door with a pocket door gives you privacy but opens the space up completely because the door rolls back into the wall. You won’t have to deal with the door protruding into the room when in the bathroom.

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