During cooler weather, we often spend more time indoors. Use this time to update your home and make needed improvements. Your living spaces will be more comfortable and you’ll add value to your home. Here is a list of winter home improvement tasks to keep you occupied when the temperature drops.

Winter Projects You Can Complete Today

There are some home improvements you can tackle in a day. Take time to add fresh color or rearrange the furniture while you’re staying warm indoors.

Winter Home Improvement Can Include Kitchen Updates

Give your kitchen a new look. You can quickly and easily improve your kitchen with a few inexpensive upgrades. Toss your tattered linens and invest in new dishtowels. Install a new, modern faucet. Look for ways to include live plants in the room. A hanging basket displayed near the window or a small herb garden on the sill adds life. For seating, add new cushions, repaint your chairs, or trade out your barstools for a more colorful version.

Choose New Curtains

To improve energy efficiency in winter, adding thermal curtains is an easy place to start. If you’ve used sheers in the summer, change your curtains when the weather changes. Choose heavier fabrics for cooler weather. Open the curtains in the day to allow the sun to warm your living spaces and close them at night to help insulate the home.

Rearranging the Bedroom is an Easy Winter Home Improvement Project

If you’ve been thinking you’d rather have the dresser on the other side of the bed or that you want to add a new rug to your bedroom, winter is a great time to make the switch. Take a day to move the furniture out of the room. Thoroughly clean the walls and carpets and move back in, changing your usual furniture arrangement.

Projects for a Cold Weekend

Spend a weekend and get your family involved with upgrades around the home. Set aside a few days for these tasks.

Interior Paint

Repaint a bedroom, create an accent wall in the living room, or paint the doors to add a boost of color to your home. Measure your room and find a paint calculator online to help determine how many gallons you’ll need. Shop at your local home improvement store to choose the colors your family will enjoy. Spend time prepping the walls to get the best final results.

Closet Organization

Organizing your bedroom closet is a task you can accomplish in a weekend. Clear the closet out and discard items you no longer wear. Add an organization system or use bookshelves to help you better manage your space.

Add a Backsplash for Winter Home Improvement

A backsplash in your kitchen protects walls from food stains and splatters and adds personality to the room. Tiles for the project are available in ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and stone. You’ll be able to choose almost any color and will surely find a style that complements your home. Adding a backsplash is an easy project that you’ll enjoy year-round.

Garage Decluttering

The garage often becomes a space to store things that don’t have a place in the home. It’s easy for such an area to accumulate clutter. Spend time sorting your belongings and getting rid of items you no longer need. Get the family to help when deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what items should go into the trash. After decluttering, you’ll be able to better organize the garage and create useable storage space.

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