How to Plan for Storage During Remodeling

When you are preparing to remodel your house, there are a lot of things to plan for. Storage during remodeling is a detail that is sometimes overlooked until the work begins and you realize that items need to be out of the way. Home remodeling can be an extensive project requiring demolition and construction. You can expect messy living spaces during the process. What’s the best way to protect your furniture and other belongings? Here are some ideas for storage during remodeling.

1. Unused Rooms

Using empty rooms in your own home is the ideal solution for storage during remodeling. If you don’t have a spare bedroom or office, look at your attic, basement, or even outside structures. Those spaces might not be empty, but you may be able to move things around and make some temporary space for storage.

2. Condense Your Living Space to Create Space for Storage

If you don’t have any extra rooms or outbuildings to use, take a look at your living areas. Find ways to temporarily reduce the amount of space that you use. You might be able to create enough room for storage during remodeling.

3. Rent Storage Space

If there isn’t any room in your home for storage during remodeling, there are a few different options when it comes to renting storage space.

  • Portable storage container: Have it delivered to your home and placed in the driveway or somewhere out of the way. You choose the size that you want and pay for how long you use it. It’s a safe way to keep your possessions nearby on your property.
  • Self-storage: A quick internet search will help you find a unit near you. You’ll pack things into boxes and move them off your property, so you might want to get some help or hire movers.
  • Full-service storage: Some areas have storage units offering a range of services. They’ll pick things up for you, store your belongings, and keep it organized and labeled. When you are ready to re-furnish your space, they deliver it to you. It is a more expensive option, but it’s a very convenient service.

4. Ask People You Know if They Can Help With Storage During Remodeling

Ask around. Your friends, family, or even your coworkers or neighbors may have some storage space that you could use during the remodel. You could even offer to pay a fee for the use of their space. It’s a nice trade to help someone financially while also finding a safe place for your storage during remodeling.

5. Keep Your Storage Area Organized

Regardless of what you end up using for storage during remodeling, make sure to keep things organized and labeled. The boxes that you pack away contain things that you may need. A quick online search for packing organization ideas will return ideas for using labels, markers, and color-coding to keep things organized.

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