You want to keep your family healthy, but sometimes it’s tough to find the time to remind everyone to drink enough water, relax, and eat healthier foods. Make your home a healthier space with tips designed to improve your surroundings and behavior. Read on to learn more about how to promote wellness in the home.

Filter Your Drinking Water to Promote Wellness in the Home

Clean drinking water tastes better and family members are more likely to drink plenty of water when it tastes fresh. To choose the right water filter for your home, begin with a water quality test. You may be able to request a water report from your local utility. Otherwise, hire a professional to sample your tap water. You’ll learn what contaminants are present and can choose a filter to remove those pollutants.

There are several styles of water filters on the market, including countertop pitcher-filters, small filters that attach to the kitchen tap, and whole house filters to purify the water throughout your home.

Choose Appliances that Encourage Health

Promote health and wellness by purchasing appliances that encourage your family to make better choices. Keeping a water dispenser on the countertop or a standalone floor model will help you remember to drink more water.

Purchase a smoothie blender and stock the fridge with fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. Even young children can learn how to select juices, yogurts, protein powders, and fruits to make a healthy smoothie.

A rice cooker is an appliance designed to cook rice perfectly. Rice is easy to prepare and provides a nutritious base for almost any meal.

Another health-promoting appliance that your family will enjoy is a juicer. You can blend fresh fruit and vegetable juice for even the pickiest eaters. Juicing is a great way to encourage your kids to get their daily servings of veggies. It’s easy to disguise carrot, tomato, and celery in a blend of fresh juices.

Create Living Spaces that Promote Wellness

To make wellness a part of your everyday life, find ways to incorporate lifestyle changes into your living spaces. Create an attractive display of fruit in a basket on the kitchen counter. Fruits are great for snacking and having them in the open makes it easy to choose a healthier treat.

Designate a quiet corner in the living room for relaxation and reading. Include a comfortable chair, a warm blanket, and a side table, basket, or small bookshelf for storing reading materials. Make a rule that this cozy space is electronic-device-free to encourage family members to spend time relaxing without a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

If your family is making an effort to be more active, set up an area to promote physical activity. Use a basket in the living room to store yoga mats and foam blocks. Set up a workout space with resistance bands, hand weights, and kettlebells. When your gear is easy-to-access in your home, you’re more likely to use and enjoy it.

Promote Wellness in the Home with Good Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for overall well-being. If you struggle to sleep or wake up feeling exhausted, try sticking to a bedtime routine. Go to bed at the same time every night, even on the weekends. Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet, and your bed is comfortable and relaxing.

Don’t have computers or a television in the bedroom. It should be a room specifically for rest and relaxation and the lighting from an electronic screen can interfere with your sleep. Getting some exercise during the day will also help you sleep better at night.

To promote health and wellness in your home, make it easier to eat well, exercise, and relax. A healthier home boosts your productivity, supports your immune system, and improves your mood.

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