Having a deck, courtyard, or patio is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the pleasant summer weather. Here are ideas to improve your deck to get your outdoor space ready for entertaining.

Provide Shade

If your deck isn’t covered, adding shade will provide relief from the summer heat. Build a pergola or hang a shade cloth over sitting areas. In a small space, a patio umbrella may be adequate to shield the area from the sun.

For a longer-term solution, plant trees adjacent to the outdoor living space. They take years to grow tall enough to provide shade, but trees are an attractive solution and boost property value.

Install Lighting to Improve Your Deck

Lighting contributes to the mood of the deck or courtyard and improves safety. There are seemingly infinite options for outdoor lighting. Hang string lights from the pergola, gazebo, or porch. Install solar-powered stake lights along the pathway to the patio. For your deck, add deck post lights to illuminate the perimeter and install recessed lighting in the stairs to boost visibility.

Create a Container Garden

Potted plants add color and life to almost any living area. Outdoors, choose plants that will thrive in the sunlight on the deck. You’ll find plenty of varieties, from brightly colored flowers to attractive greenery and herb plants to use in the kitchen.

Some varieties of vegetables grow wonderfully in full sun. Grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in pots to harvest all summer long.

Purchase Patio Furniture

Friends and neighbors enjoy spending time on your deck, porch, or patio if you have comfortable, inviting furniture. You might invest in an outdoor loveseat and chairs, depending on your space. Hang a hammock or purchase a lounge chair for relaxing and enjoying a book. If you like to entertain, build a bar and a grilling station to provide food and drinks for guests.

Improve Your Deck With Color

Personalize your patio by adding color to the area. There are plenty of ways to achieve this. Hanging baskets of flowers provide attractive blooms for everyone to enjoy. Edible flowers like pansies and nasturtiums grow well in containers and add color to the deck. An outdoor rug and throw pillows are an easy way to incorporate your favorite colors into your outdoor living spaces.

These simple improvements help you get your deck ready for friends and family to relax and enjoy time together.

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