Everyone should have a set of basic tools for home repair. Tools come in handy for assembling furniture, hanging pictures or artwork, installing smoke detectors, and measuring your living room for new carpeting. Even though you might not know your way around a table saw, it is important that you have basic tools every homeowner needs.

Basic Tools Every Homeowner Needs

While you don’t need to know the ins and outs of construction, as a homeowner you will want to have the following tools on hand:

1. Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Needs

A basic screwdriver set should include three or four sizes of flathead and Phillips screwdrivers. You won’t use your screwdrivers every day, but you’ll be glad to have them on hand when needed. When you’re shopping for screwdrivers, look for magnetic tips to make it easier to work with metal screws.

2. A Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is another one of the tools every homeowner needs. Whether you’re trying to hang a painting or you need to pull old nails from the wall, a claw hammer is a useful tool around the house. When shopping for the perfect claw hammer, keep its weight in mind. The right claw hammer will feel well-balanced in your hand. Look for a comfortable handle as you grip it. Be sure that the hammer has enough weight that it will efficiently drive in nails.

3. A Set of Pliers

Pliers are another one of the most important tools every homeowner needs. Pliers make it easy to tighten or loosen hardware. You can use your pliers to grip almost anything. As you shop for your pliers, keep versatility in mind. Many homeowners are fans of locking pliers as they make it easier to hold onto things. After you have purchased a basic set of pliers, you may also want needle nose pliers.

4. Utility Knives

A utility knife, or box cutter, will come in handy when you need to cut plastic sheeting, wire, carpet, cardboard, and other materials. When purchasing a utility knife, look for the standard-size model that has a locking blade and easily retracts. Buy an extra set of blades so that you always have a sharp edge when cutting.

5. Every Homeowner Needs a Tape Measure

Tape measures are often overlooked but are one of the essential tools every homeowner needs. The best tape measures are durable and sturdy enough to be extended without collapsing.

Be prepared for home improvement jobs and DIY tasks. With this list of essential tools every homeowner needs, you’ll be ready for any project that comes your way.

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